Nathan Hendry

Nathan Hendry - Senior Venue Manager; Saucy Burger & Liberty Brown

  • NOVEMBER 2012 – Bartender (Liberty Brown)
  • JULY 2014 – Bar Supervisor (Liberty Brown/Dr Feelgood)
  • APRIL 2016 – Duty Manager (Liberty Brown/Saucy Burger)
  • OCTOBER 2017 – Senior Venue Manager (Liberty Brown/Saucy Burger)

What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

My favourite project would be assisting in the opening of 2 venues over the last few years, Dr Feelgoods and Saucy Burger. It was great to be a part of, and to see how things need to be done to ensure that a business can run successfully will definitely benefit me in years to come.


What do you love most about your job?

The thing I love most about my job would be the social environment that I work in, it gives me chance to meet new people every day, as well as providing them with customer satisfaction which you really cannot beat, knowing that someone has left your venue happy after you’ve done everything you can to make this happen. I feel the support I received from within the venue and even up to the Operations Managers, when my beautiful little girl Annabella was born, was amazing! I have met some great people along my journey with the apartment group, and I am sure I still have many more to meet.


What makes Apartment Group different?

I Believe the opportunities they have presented me over the years really stands out; From starting out as a bartender I have always strived to keep moving forward, and they have always been there to make this happen. If you really want something and are showing the work ethic, you can really reap the rewards.


Nathan's Words of Wisdom...

‘Hard work is always recognised in this company, everything you put in, you get out’ Nathan ‘The Situation’ Hendry

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