Tom Lodge

Tom Lodge - Bar Supervisor, As You Like It

  • DECEMBER 2016 – Floor and Bar Staff (As You Like It)
  • APRIL 2017 – Supervisor (As You Like It)
  • MAY 2018 – Duty Manager (Liberty Brown/Saucy Burger)

What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

Being involved in the bar champion training programme has helped me develop my own skills whilst training new staff and being involved with organising the development training sessions. It has also given me an insight in how a venue like AYLI operates back of house as well as what guests see.


What do you love most about your job?

I love having the freedom to learn new things at my own pace and being given opportunities to progress as quickly as I am able to. I also enjoy being challenged to work with high standards and expectations, this pushes me to do more and improve my own skillset.


What makes Apartment Group different?

The training you receive when you first arrive on the bar is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It is the most in depth training I’ve ever had for a bar job. It really shows with the quality of all of the staff and you can clearly see everyone is passionate about working together.


Tom's Words of Wisdom...

Hannah Montana said “nobodys perfect, but here we are”

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