Pamela Davison

Pamela Davison - Head of Wedding Department

From joining in 2007 to join the fun of As You Like It’s first trading Christmas season, Pam has worked in all manner of venues and job roles before becoming responsible for ‘all things Wedding’ across our three award winning wedding venues.


    What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

    I took the helm of As You Like It’s second Christmas which was no easy feat, coordinating all the functions and events that come along with that. I also was involved with As You Like It’s first wedding fayres but the biggest project to date I’ve put my hand to is opening Le Petit Château. I was involved from day one, from concepts to designs, from pricing levels to decor, branding to operations; it was a huge amount of work but it’s all paid off!

    What do you love most about your job?

    It has to be the variety; one day I can be calling prospective couples arranging details of their wedding day and the next I can be training new staff, designing an e-flyer with our marketing staff or planning our next Open Day.

    What makes Apartment Group different?

    The need to stay constantly one step ahead of competing venues and constantly innovating to maintain our group’s success and momentum is certainly demanding, but incredibly rewarding! Also, while I’m mainly based in the Jesmond Head Office, my job has me travelling aorund our wedding venues regularly and it’s wonderful to get out of the city up to the coast!

    Pam's Words of Wisdom...

    There are so many opportunities for the taking. There’s no better feeling than pioneering a really successful project, so be vocal and seize the day!