Kirstin Cockburn

Kirstin Cockburn - Manager; Nancy's Bordello

Kirstin joined the group as a part time waitress at the rural Joiner’s Arms and gradually took on more responsibility, climbing the ranks to her current position as a senior Manager at Nancy’s Bordello in Newcastle City Centre.

  • July 2011 – Part Time Waitress (The Joiner’s Arms)
  • August 2011 – Bar Staff (The Joiner’s Arms)
  • April 2012 – Bar Staff (The Joiner’s Arms & Newton Hall)
  • May 2015 – Supervisor (The Joiner’s Arms)
  • October 2015 – Trainee Duty Manager (The Joiner’s Arms)
  • July 2015 – Senior Manager (Nancy’s Bordello)

What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

2015 at the Joiner’s Arms when I was promoted to Bar Supervisor is still to this day the most challenging, memorable and fun summer I have ever worked!

During this time I started to pick up management and leadership skills and the manager at the time also gave me the opportunity to take on some extra training, by shadowing him on a regular basis.

I was exposed to so much and I have no doubt that getting involved in a little bit of everything is what led to my promotion a few months later


What do you love most about your job?

I don’t think I can pin point 1 thing that I love most about my job. This job has definitely helped to become much more diverse and moulded me into the person I am through meeting new people through work, being given opportunities left right and centre, but with the company it’s not just about progression, it’s about you as a person and what will help you to be the BEST YOU!

There have been many challenges that could have beaten me had I not had the support of my colleagues, managers and even the Big Bosses at the top of the page!


What makes Apartment Group different?

Apartment Group is different because it’s more personal; everyone is approachable, no matter what level you are at within the company, and everyone has the opportunities if they want to take them.


Kirstin's Words of Wisdom...

Grab every opportunity by the horns; the team will support you and you will grow and learn so much, even if you don’t get it right every time!

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