James Tindle

James Tindle - Duty Manager, The Palm

James joined the group as a waiter at the rural Joiner’s Arms and Le Petit Chateau in Otterburn; James gradually took on more responsibility, climbing the ranks to his current position as Duty Manager at Liberty Brown & Saucy Burger. James also still works regularly at all venues across the group and is a great asset to the team.


    What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

    I’ve been lucky enough to go out and work at a number of venues across the group, getting a chance to not only see how they operate, but being able to have an influence as well! It’s fascinating to see how each place differs from one another, form the day to day running of the site to the clientele you have a chance to work with. I feel this has really broadened my horizons.


    What do you love most about your job?

    No day is ever the same! You get to meet and work with so many people and there’s so much to get stuck into. I’ve been lucky enough to be entrusted with staff training, so having the chance to influence service is a big positive for me.


    What makes Apartment Group different?

    The chances are progression are so strong in this company if you show the passion and drive to achieve something. This constantly pushes me on to work harder and become a stronger manager with the aim of climbing higher on the Apartment Group ladder. I don’t know any other company who would give you a chance to have so much responsibility with relatively little experience. They really give you the chance to prove yourself which I couldn’t appreciate more!


    James's Words of Wisdom...

    Be positive, work hard and show your passion for the job and the benefits will come.

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