James Richardson

James Richardson - Area Manager

Originally based in As You Like It’s Management team, James work ethic and aptitude for all things ‘foody’ recently saw him move into group-wide Operations; just another example of the potential to diversify in the Apartment Group.

  • July 2013 – Assistant General Manager (As You Like It)
  • February 2014 – General Manager (As You Like It)
  • September 2016 – Area Manager (Groupwide)

What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

I’ve had great contributions to food and drink menu development, recruitment strategies and projects to add value to customer experience in venue, and also financial value to the company.

In my current role, it’s fantastic that I get to spend time with the owner and directors on a regular basis discussing all kinds of ideas. You really feel part of the team and know you can make a difference.


What do you love most about your job?

Quite honestly, I’d say the best part would be working alongside such passionate and hard working people!

With so many fantastically talented and passionate people working at the Apartment Group, it makes every day an absolute pleasure to work.


What makes Apartment Group different?

My role has been particularly dynamic and has at times pushed me; organising a successful Christmas period at As You Like It is no easy task, but it’s nothing I wouldn’t do again and again.

I love spending time at the 2 five star hotels in the group, as it’s such a different environment and the chance to learn additional skills. Also, between my two last promotions I was able to take a 4 month sabbatical to travel in Africa and also spend some time working on my snowboarding skills


James' Words of Wisdom...

Work hard, stay committed and the rewards and satisfaction will come; it’s as simple as that.

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