Andrew McConnell

Andrew McConnell – Bar Supervisor -
As You Like It

  • SEPTEMBER 2017 – Bar Staff (As You Like It)
  • DECEMBER 2017 – Bar Supervisor (As You Like It)
  • July 2018 – Trainee Manager (As You Like it)

What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on at Apartment Group?

Since being Supervisor, taking on extra tasks such as running Products of the month has kept the job interesting and constantly changing. We put a lot of emphasis on upselling more premium products in order to make the customers experience more enjoyable at As You Like It. It also helps the other bar and floor members feel confident with their product knowledge as well as being more confident and comfortable talking about different products that they wouldn’t have initially known much about.


What do you love most about your job?

The team, Everyone at As You Like It is on top of their game, coming in with positive attitudes and relaying that onto the customers, making them feel like their experience is much more enjoyable. The team is strong and everyone is clued up on what they are doing within the venue.


What makes Apartment Group different?

The way they treat staff… Some would say it’s second to none. The staff perks are great, company wide. Incentives ran every other week, with Employee of the month, MVP’s and lots of other little upselling tasks, with rewards at the end. One of the best companies for perks within the Northeast Bar industry.


Andrew's Words of Wisdom...

Don’t expect an easy ride. Everyone that joins the Apartment Group works incredibly hard to improve the company, but you see the benefits and the appreciation filter down through Management.

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