As You Like It’s Floor Olympics

As You Like It’s Floor Olympics!


It’s not very often that you see competitions in hospitality other than cocktail competitions but we wanted to give our brilliant waiting staff a chance to show off their skills. Bring on the Floor Olympics!!

The evening started with splitting into teams so each group had a mix of staff from all 3 floors of our venue, either from our Mezzanine, Frangipani or the main floor.

First event was a blindfolded guided maze to get warmed up and start working as a team.
Secondly was the first of our speed rounds to turn a table round with full restaurant place settings.

Next  was a short pub style quiz to test the knowledge of all of our team!!

Short break for refreshments!

The penultimate challenge was our second speed round, this time for a wedding set up.

And finally we finished on an obstacle course whilst carrying a tray full of glasses. This was a timed fast paced event and a great way to end the evening.