The Final Straw for the Apartment Group

Our venues are putting away plastic drinking straws from Monday 16th October 2017, in a bid to help reduce plastic waste.

Our venues include Jesmond based As You Like It, nightclub House Of Smith and Northumberland wedding venues Newton Hall and Le Petit Chateau to name just a few. This is the first of several new sustainability initiatives that we are undertaking as a group.

Owner Duncan Fisher said “By only giving out plastic straws on request, we are hoping to stop an estimated 3 million straws ending up in landfill and going to waste every year”.

“Something as simple as not automatically putting straws in every single drink unless asked, will have a huge impact on the environment.”.

Very little plastic straws are recycled and take thousands of years to decompose. Many of these find their way into the ocean, causing plastic pollution and harm to marine life.

Similarly to supermarkets charging for plastic carrier bags, our #thefinalstraw initiative is aiming to make a big difference.

“In future, we would hope to have no plastic straws at all in our venues, so this is the first step towards that. We are hoping many other businesses follow suit, taking plastic pollution seriously and helping to reduce damage to the environment”, said Duncan.

Many bars and restaurants provide straws with every single drink, sometimes even two at a time. While plastic straws will still be available at the Apartment Group’s venues for now, they will no longer be served as standard.