Apartment Group Cocktail Competition

Apartment Group Cocktail Competition

Employees of the apartment group took part in their inaugural internal cocktail competition at our Jesmond venue As You Like It in an effort to prove they’re the undisputed king of cocktails, with cash prizes and a trip to the Beefeater distillery in London up for grabs for the winners.

The first round saw each contestant pitted against one of their peers- faced with the challenge of making 5 cocktails in 5 minutes.

Contenders were judged on speed, presentation, taste and showmanship with the overall winner taking the price of £100 and a trip to London. Second and third place receiving £50 and £25 respectively.

The second round will see entrants trying to embody their venue in a signature cocktail. Be it a French inspired drink for Le Petit Châteaux or a classic 1920s prohibition era concoction for House of smith.

The third & final round will see the competitors endeavouring to bring something new to the group. Be it a new spirit or a whole taste profile. The only constraints are a maximum of 7 ingredients and must contain something that is currently not used in any of the Apartment Group venues.

Only after the final round is complete will we the victor be declared the highly coveted champion cocktail maker of the Apartment Group.

After the first round leading the way we currently have

Sophie McKenna – As You Like It

Adam Wood – Floritas

Vlad Astahov – As You Like It

But with 2 rounds to go it’s all to play for!